Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Header and Blog Badge

Hi fellow sew-along-ists, Cindy suggested we come up with a blog badge for participants to put on their personal blogs. I doodled a little Chanel jacket in Illustrator, and the result is in the new blog header up top and a blog badge in the sidebar for you to put on your blog if you want to.

You can right-click the blog badge and save it to your desktop, then add it to your own blog. (In case the image is too small for the width of your blog's sidebar, you can also click the blog badge in our sidebar. It should open the full-size image in a new window/ tab, which you can right-click and save to your desktop, etc. etc.)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! Cheers!


  1. Very nice! I was hoping you were going to do a new header.

  2. Great idea...for some who may be a little html's the html code that you can insert...This code make the picture a little smaller than the one on the left and make it open in a new window/tab. I like that cause then people don't loose their way and can easily come back to your blog!

    This box won't accept the code, cause it tells it to go pick up a picture someplace & then go pick up another page....but here's a picture of it and you can type it into an "add html" tag and it will work. You may have to resize it, but that's not a prob...there's clearly the width & height dimensions that you can revamp if you need to.

    Here's where the picture is:

  3. Thanks Claire-- I would be one of the challenged!