Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hi everyone. I am Michele, also from Sydney. I am excited to join in this Chanel sew along. I have ordered Vogue 7975 for my jacket. I am going into the city next week and hope to pick up some gorgeous fabric for my jacket.

Here is a bit about me. I have two blogs, my (new) sewing blog, and my more personal blog, What's on at the Cottage. I have been sewing since I was 11 years old and have recently come back into it now that I have taken a fitting course and know that it is OK to change the pattern to fit me. This is a revelation because my body has changed shape post-children. I am looking forawrd to sharing this journey with you all.


  1. The fit is a journey, isn't it? Glad to are sewing along!

  2. Yes, the female body does have a way of morphing post-children, doesn't it? Hope your fabric hunt is fruitful. Welcome to the sew-along!

  3. Thank you.

    Cindy, oh yes, fit is another thing entirely.

    Antoinette, post-baby bodies are never the same (no-one tells you that!)