Saturday, August 22, 2009

Picking out a pattern from BWOF

I'm still in the process of picking out a pattern for my jacket- while I really love my "chanel lite" yoked & collared jacket, I'd like to try the classic collarless one. It's going to be black/white tweed with black trim, and so I'm thinking that the collarless style with 3/4 sleeves will work well.

BWOF patterns usually fit me really well, so I'm pretty certain I'll be using one of those. Here are a few choices:

BWOF 12-2007-103 (sans crazy fur collar & cuffs)

03-2008-120 -obviously just the jacket :-)

04-2008-104 A This one is cute, and I could just leave out the zipper. I'm not sure how well all those crazy shapes would work with quilting though.

09-2008-102 -this technical drawing looks pretty blah, but I really like the view of the jacket on the model.

Here's my material- it's from Vera Wang Lavender collection that had earlier. It's a really nice thick, soft boucle- mostly black with white threads woven through.



  1. I LOVE the 2007/103 jacket. I'm getting ready to do this for a client who loves jewel necklines and they look great on her - of course without all the crazy fur!

  2. I could see all those options working well. I like the first one best as the shape is more fitted.