Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Closer View - Myrna

Antoinette - Here's a closer shot of that first inspiration. Is this the one you meant? Sorry the pictures is still not too clear. The book is quite old. I thought that...

... this Vogue 8567 jacket had possibilities.

I know what you mean about the look of her jackets. Many of her dresses (at least the ones shown in this book) are very soft, flowing, and feminine. That's the "inspired by" aspect I'm paying attention to.

- Myrna


  1. Yes, that is the inspiration photo I like very much -- many of her clothes were in this style. I know straight silhouettes don't flatter every body type, but I just didn't know that Chanel had designed so many clothes that were soft, flowy, feminine (counter in many ways to the boxy style her name is most associated with). Some of her art deco-period clothes shown in the book were very flowy, feminine, and ornate! I was surprised but I appreciated them.

  2. BTW, that Vogue jacket does look promising!

  3. I love the pattern that you chose! It looks very similar to the inspiration photo. You have me thinking...this type of Chanel jacket would fit my lifestyle much better!