Tuesday, August 4, 2009


that I would make another Chanel-style jacket! I'm Elizabeth and this will be my second french jacket. Last fall I took Susan Khalje's jacket class and was hooked. I throughly enjoyed the process and felt oh so special whenever I wore my one-of-a-kind couture jacket. I wanted to make another one so that I could perfect the skills and techniques I learned. Jacket 1 is an investment of over 100 hours but worth every minute. I will use my existing self-drafted muslin with a few design changes - perhaps a v neckline and three quarter length sleeves. This will save quite alot of time and will assure a good fit.

For jacket #2 I am planning to use this boucle I just purchased on a recent trip to Nashville. (When in Nashville don't, whatever you do, DON'T miss Textile Fabrics!) It is a mix of pink, brown, gray, camel and silver metallic yarns and lighter weight than jacket 1. I have started my search for the perfect print for the lining and trims. Although a print lining doesn't showcase all the quilting it can hide anything that is less than perfect. I made my trim for jacket 1 by using a combination of braid, yarn and beads. This time I'm thinking maybe, fringe or ruffles or........... who knows what.


  1. So excited to have your knowledge join the sew along. Your handmade trim on jacket #1 is perfect! Did you start with a jacket pattern or is it completely self drafted? I am curious if Susan K. recommended a pattern or two!

    Can't wait to see your process!

  2. Your first jacket is lovely, and I can't wait to see the final product from the new fabric, that is gorgeous!

  3. Great job on your first jacket! I look forward to watching the next one come together.

  4. Over 100 hours! Wow, that is impressive. I can see how the previous jacket's muslin would save a lot of hours this second go-round! Glad you are sewing along, Elizabeth.