Monday, August 31, 2009

Dawn - Jacket Muslin - KwikSew 3258

I using KwikSew 3258 for my Chanel jacket. I plan to do view A with the CF zipper and long sleeves.

This is an XS from shoulder to bust. Below the dart I gradually went out to a S for my hips. I drew the grainline and pockets on only one side. The seam allowances at the neck have not been cut off but the hem has been tucked up and pinned.

I'm not sure what to do about these lines. I posted this photo on my personal blog and people said to put in the arms first and see what happens. Duh. I'll do that tomorrow and see how the back looks. The shoulders look really good. Although we'll see what happens when I put the sleeves in. They are the bane of my existence. There is a CB seam but the piece is straight. If I don't alter the back seam I'll cut it out on the fold.

Overall, I think it's pretty good for a first muslin.

Whattcha think?


  1. Looks oretty good so far. Let's see what the back looks like with the sleeves in. It may be just perfect!

  2. Looks good to me! I need to get going on a muslin...

  3. Looks good, but like Allison I think you should set the sleeves in to be sure about what to do (or not) on the back.

  4. I had a lot of difficulty with sleeves until I learned to make a petite adjustment across the chest as opposed to between the waist and the underarm. Not sure if that info will help you but it definitely got rid of bunching and twisting for me. This looks great so far. I'd looked at that pattern a few weeks ago and thought it was perfect for this project. - Myrna

  5. Re those lines: You may have a bit of a hunchback from leaning over the sewing machine all the time. It should not be too hard to find info on adjusting the back to fit you.

    Or you may need to put shoulder pads in.

  6. I really like the pattern that you are using. It's one of two that I'm considersing. Gotta decide and get going on the muslin. I'll be interested in the solution to the winkles in the back. I have the same problem and setting in the sleeves does not help. You have a great first muslin!

  7. I wonder too if the armholes are a bit low for you? They look low - maybe as Myrna suggested a petite adj between shoulder and bust might fix it, but set the sleeves in first and see how it feels.
    And just from the side view - is it tilting a bit forward down from the bust?
    It looks pretty darn good as it is but a few tweeks might just make it perfect ;)

  8. The front of the muslin looks very nice and to eliminate the lines in the back you might try reducing the shoulder length. From the back you can see that you right shoulder is more sloped and the shoulder extends even further than the left. So if this is the problem then the right shoulder would need to be reduced more than the left. Start by pinning out the excess in the middle of the shoulder seam, going straight down the back across the shouder blade and tapering to nothing about the beginning of the side seam. Good luck!

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