Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hello from Sharon

My name is Sharon and I live in Sydney, Australia. I just love Chanel jackets and made an easy version last year using V7595.

After seeing Lindsay T's Summer Version I’m also considering a lighter weight version for our summer which will be when this sew-along finishes. However I have a burgundy wool that is desperate for a tweed jacket to go with it so I’m in two minds at this stage. It all depends on what fabric I can find. One of my sewing buddies has the Linton Tweed swatches so I need to check these out when I get back to Sydney, (away on vacation at present) and I will check out the fabric stores then as well and see what I can find.

I will be using V7595 for my jacket as it has already been adjusted and only needs one more minor alteration which became apparent after wearing.

This is also my first sew-along and I am also really looking forward to learning from everyone here.


  1. I am jealous---adjusting the pattern is the hardest part! You are in the clear! Glad to have you join along.

  2. So nice that you've got the right pattern and the right fit! Hope you're enjoying your vacation. :)

  3. Count me as jealous, too! I need to make a muslin asap so I can get to the adjustments!

  4. I was very lucky and had a class with Angie Zimmerman, who writes a lot of articles for the Australian Stitches Magazine, so I was very fortunate.

    Being a size 4 in the Big 4 makes it hard to find any jacket to fit.