Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello Everyone

Hi. My name is Ginger and I live in Northern California. I have made one Chanel jacket under the tutilage of Susan Khalje and have three more planned and one actually cut out and in the quilting process.

What I have learned for this next jacket is that when quilting, even the small pieces, stay at least 1 1/2 inches away from the seam line. I had my quilting too close and when I actually constructed the jacket, I had to remove lots of quilting so that I could hand sew the lining in and it left holes in my charmeuse.

I would strongly advise that for a first jacket, you not put in a collar. Nobody in our workshop used a collar. The trims add plenty of style around the neckline.

Count on 200+ hours on your jacket.

I have one under construction now that is a rusty color and the lining is a cream background print with turkish slippers in the print. I am hand quilting this going around the motifs. I don't know if this has been done before and I hope the hand quilting doesn't look funny so I am trying to keep the quilting even.

I really should finish a skirt to go with my initial jacket. It shouldn't take so long to make but I have been dwaddling over that. I don't really have anything to wear with my jacket and if I were to purchase clothes I could afford, they wouldn't be worthy of the work I put into the jacket. It requires a skirt made by the same method!


  1. Thanks for your candid "been there" tips. Great advice about the collars!

  2. Thank you for the quilting tip; you've saved me from hours of "unsewing."

  3. You may have already seen this article but in the Jan 1993 issue of Threads there is an article by Claire Shaeffer on making a Chanel-style skirt. I took Susan's class last year in St Louis and she is a wonderful teacher. And yes the hours do add up!

  4. 200+ hours, huh. A true labor of love.

  5. 200+ hours. Wow. I admire your ability to give that to one project. Not that I haven't done that with some of my textile paintings however - fashion wise - it's not for me so I'm glad I've decided to make something inspired by Chanel rather than just like a Chanel. I'm so intrigued with her softer garments and flapper styles. I'm having a lot of fun playing with ideas - AND... since I can't sew just now - I have LOTS of ideas jumbling around getting ready for their moment. - Myrna