Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm joining in ...

My name is Carol and I live in Byron Bay, Australia where the need for a Chanel jacket is very, very limited. But don't think that's going to stop me sewing one! Last night I pulled out six patterns to choose from but still have been unable to make a decision. I'm awaiting a delivery of fabric (that I serendipitously ordered a couple of weeks ago) that contains two different tweeds for a jacket, so as soon as it comes I will make my final decision.

I've never taken part in a sewalong and I am really looking forward to the opportunity to learn from everyone here. I think it will be great experience, so thanks for having me along for the ride!


  1. Serendipity is right! Welcome.

  2. Thanks for sewing along! I think Byron Bay is more than ready for some Chanel-level couture.