Thursday, January 6, 2011

Remember the Chanel?

It is a new year's resolution to complete my unfinished projects and, from then on out, only have one project in cue. My UFO's include my in-progress winter coat, faux fur stole/cape, and, of course, my Chanel. Now I don't want to make excuses about my year long love/hate with my Chanel, but I am convinced that you can't make Chanel, with Chanel techniques, without a dressform. As soon as I got my Ivy for Christmas, the Chanel has been coming along..I love it. I have my jacket on the dressform while I handsew. I have so much control which I didn't have before. Presently I have all the fell stitches of my vertical seams and shoulders completed and I have catchstitched the hem and around the neck and opening of the boucle. Next up, hand stitch the lining to the hem and neckline. I really need to be working on the sleeves...can you tell that I am avoiding them?

I have been playing around with trims too-