Sunday, August 2, 2009


I hadn't had a moment until now to introduce myself here Until now; I'm Faye from Georgia, and I'm so glad to be a part of all this excitement! I plan on seeing this Chanel Sew A Long through, even though I keep asking myself - "WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU THINKING?" I know I'm ultra busy right now, but the Chanel sew a long doesn't officially start until September 1st and runs through November 15th. And since the making of a Chanel jacket is on my list of Sewing Goals for the year, this will actually be good for me.

When I saw news of it I decided to jump right on the band wagon because I didn't want to get locked out like I did with the Coat Sew A Long last year. So, I am officially entered in. My classes end around September 16th and I think that even if I don't start until that time I should be able to finish by the Nov. 15th deadline. After all I'll be in the process of taking my FINAL class during that time, which should be a lot less time consuming than the two class I'm taking now.

I have my fabric and four patterns to choose from already. I think the only thing I'll need to or
der is the trim for the jacket. I'm also starting to read up on Chanel Jacket construction and paying close attention to the Sew A Long blog. There's going to be tons of inspiration and information that I can get here. Ann sent me some Chanel Jacket construction information earlier in the year that I need to bone up on. I have to make a note to get the Claire Shaffer book "Couture Sewing", and I'm reading up on two piece sleeve construction since I usually choose not to do them. I should be good to go.


I'm looking forward to learning and sharing all along the way to November 15th.



  1. Faye, we are glad to be sewing along with you! That is beautiful fabric from your mom.

  2. I like that Threads pattern. One question, though, since it has darts... are you going to sew the darts separately in the fashion fabric & then in the lining, and then quilt the two together? Or rotate them to a side seam?