Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sue's Chanel Vision....

Well I am actually halfway through my first Chanel style jacket but love the process so much I decided to sign up for this sew along to make another...
The first one is being detailed at my blog -Quiltsewsue.
I am using Vogue 7975 for that one and have decide that the next one I make needs to be a different pattern - preferably vintage (just because I like them).
Looking through my collection I found this pattern in a magazine I picked up at an op shop.
Enid Chilchrist wrote pattern books in Australia in the 1950's - 1960's - I am not sure if they were used any where else in the world. I have one of her pattern books my MIL used to make babies & toddler clothing for my husband (when he was a baby, of course) which was passed onto me and I actually made a few items for my boys from it also (after converting the measurements!)
This magazine has an 'economical suit' for bust size 32-34 inches.
I am one size up from that but the magazine actually has instructions on how to scale the pattern up, so I am prepared to give it a go! You need to draft the pattern yourself from the detailed drawings -

I love these vintage patterns - things like the dart at the shoulder really make it fit well so I am prepared to try and draft it and make a muslin to see how it goes. Then my plan - if it works - is to perhaps lengthen it slightly and make It from a cream fabric with a brown trim (perhaps petersham or a braided trim). I don't have any fabrics yet for this but I am planning a trip to Melbourne so I am thinking if I can find a suitable fabric down there it will be my holiday souvenir!


  1. This is a great pattern. Now for the fun part-looking for fabric!!!

  2. I applaud your dedication - drafting a pattern from instructions takes plenty of effort! Can't wait to see how it turns out...