Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My fabric decision is made!

Yesterday I went to Textile Fabric (Nashville) for the first time. Wow! This is the fabric store of my dreams, definitely worth the drive to Tennessee.
I had intended to get a silk suiting for my jacket, but I wasn't crazy about any of the silk choices. I did find a cotton blend I really liked, plus some matching silk lining and pretty trim.
I also got silk thread, pins for silk, and some basting needles (long and thin).
My husband said this fabric made him think of his grandfather's (French) WWII uniform.
I'm very happy with my fabric choices, so now I am focusing on reading and studying the technique and methods.
My dad mentioned to me that my grandmother has "one of those mannequins you pin clothes on" in her basement, so I may have a dress form at my disposal! I plan to drive down there this weekend to check it out. I will be so excited if it's a dress form I can use.


  1. Love your fabric and trim. Your trim is very similar to what I recevied in the mail yesterday but it may be a bit too thin for my fabric.

  2. Great choices. Searching for trim and fabric can be very time consuming so you are doing well. And for a girl that doesn't consider herself a sewist you are working your way quickly down the list. Last month I was in Nashville and went to Textile Fabrics for the first time too. I was in there 2 hours carressing and admiring their wonderful selection. Who knows I may have seen your fabric. I purchased my fabric there as well but am still shopping for lining and trim.

  3. Elizabeth, do you live near Nashville?
    I think I was in Textile Fabric for about 2 hours also. I went with my mom and she gave me plenty of time and space to browse to my heart's content, then she helped me make my final selections.

    I am trying to work my way down the list as quickly as possible because I have to go back to work on August 31st! I'll be traveling a lot, so I'll be away from my sewing machine. I need to get as much of the cutting and machine work finished before then. I figure I can do handwork like sew buttonholes on an airplane, but I can't cut out fabric or carry my machine on business trips.