Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gloria From St. Louis

Hi! I'm Gloria from St. Louis. I'm really excited to be part of this sew along. I've never tackled a project like this even though I have sewn all my life. I remember sitting next to my grandma (my brothers were all in school) and hand sewing doll clothes while she embroidered pillow cases.

I will be using Vogue 8259 without the upper pockets. I look better without any additional weight at the bust line. I haven't decided on my fabric yet. I have several pieces from my stash under consideration. I have a business trip this week and I am planning on taking the swatches & pattern with me so I can weigh the possibilities.

I ordered the Claire Schaeffer DVD. It should arrive this week--something to look forward to when I return home Friday.

I'm going to admit to never making a muslin before. I'm am blessed with only minor fitting issues. So I have a question--do I make the test garment from actual muslin? And since my biggest fitting issue is shoulder width, should I go ahead and put in the shoulder pads on the muslin? Thanks for the help.


  1. Hi Gloria:

    The wonderful thing about the jacket you chose is that there's no shoulder pads!

    Make the test jacket in muslin. It can be used as your pattern after making any alterations.

  2. Please post your reviews about the CS dvd!I am really interested in any opinion about the dvd.

  3. I love going out of town for work and bringing options to consider. Everything seems more objective when sewing decisions are made away from the sewing machine. I also look forward to hearing what you think of the DVD. :)