Sunday, August 2, 2009

Decision Made... I hope

Now a woman is able to change her mind...right? I realized that I couldn't use every design feature that I wanted in this one jacket for the sew along. So to take the pressure off, I am going to make two...seriously! One now which is going to have all the traditional Chanel features. It will have a monochromatic color scheme for the fabric, lining, and trim. Then later in the year, I am going to make a colorful, 3/4 sleeve jacket with fringe, lots of fringe! I just couldn't have everything I wanted in just one jacket.

The above jacket struck me and the image stayed with me for about a week which I took as a sign that this was the one! I would love to make a matching skirt, but that will be another post and a later time...I would like my jacket to be in a soft tone but not necessarily this periwinkle blue. A soft shade of pink, lavender, blue or yellow sounds nice. I love the soft look and texture of the fabric. Not to mention the crochet (?) trim in the exact matching color. Will I have the luck to find a matching trim? I might need help from my NY personal shopper. Uh hum, Gertie?!
Now I did find the above sample fabric in a similar periwinkle blue. It is from Linton Tweeds in England. They are a supplier to Chanel. The price is comparable to a good boucle in NY. It does seem a bit thin which may be a problem when quilting...perhaps? I am waiting for more samples from various shops. I haven't had too much luck finding wool boucle from online stores probably a bit early for it. Any recommendations?
Now for the pattern, I decided to use Claire Shaeffer's V 8259. The main reason would be for the step by step instruction sheet! The pattern has the Chanel-isms which I wanted to try: 3 piece sleeve, double tier pockets, and front seams from the shoulders.
I am undecided on the collar and the buttonholes/buttons. I am tempted to use some elements from Claire Shaeffer's V 8369, pictured below. I like the idea of a V-neck without closure--more room for trim!
The angel on the right shoulder is telling me to just stay with the plan of V8259 and make no changes. While the devil on the left shoulder is jumping up and down telling me to get creative!
I could just use V 8369. I would just need to shorten it and add pockets. I am thinking out loud, but that is one of the reasons for the sew along, right? My next step will be to look over the pattern pieces. I won't start making the muslins until late August. After the kids are back to school.
In August, I do want to track down my fabric! Wish me luck!


  1. Looks great, good plan,keep looking for fabric until one "talks to you" and yes you can change your mind....that was disclaimer in my last post!!!! Right now we have ideas,next come the realities!!!

  2. It's great to have a little bit of time to mull over a project's amazing what you can come up when you have something on the back burner. The patterns you are thinking about are technically quite demanding - what a challenge! Will love to see it come together..

  3. Your personal shopper, signing in!

    I'm really intrigued by Linton Tweeds. Did you order a sample from them? Did you just show them your picture, and they sent you a swatch? I'm curious about the whole thing.

    I've heard that the Claire S. patterns have some of the best instructions you can find. I'm sure they will be invaluable!

  4. You can't go wrong with either one of these, or combining them. You will love the sleeve process in the 8259 :) Once I'm set up again I just may make another one. I've been on Linton Tweeds site before but never asked for samples. I think I may now :)

  5. Would anyone be willing to permit me to borrow Vogue Pattern 8259 is size 12-14? I would pay a fee and return your pattern in its original condition within a few days. I cannot find it anywhere