Sunday, August 9, 2009

Introduction - Jane

Hi there, just wanted a chance to introduce myself- I’m Jane, and I hail from Toronto (Canada). I’m thrilled to be sewing along with all of you and have enjoyed reading your introductions already. Similar to many of you, I’ve been an avid sewer since the age of 12, but have been discouraged in the past decade or so as I have found it challenging to alter patterns for the perfect fit; however, I continued on sewing clothing for my two daughters, as well as many home dec sewing projects. An introduction to all the wonderful sewing blogs out there has been a huge encouragement to start sewing clothes for myself again, and I am really excited to be sewing this faux-Chanel jacket. I’m planning on sewing Vogue Pattern 7975; I’m undecided on fabric choices so far, but am going out fabric shopping next weekend. Unfortunately the fabric stores in Toronto don’t have a great selection, but I’m sure I’ll end up with a fabulous jacket in the end! My biggest challenge will likely be alterations to make it fit beautifully. Anyway, looking forward to getting sewing and following your progress! -Jane


  1. Seems as though lots of folks are choosing Vogue 7975, so you're in good company getting feedback on fit. Nice to have you sewing along!

  2. Hi Jane! I just wanted to thank you for the compliment on my review at I don't pay for my membership so I wasn't able to send you a private message. You're a tough lady to track down on the web! (thankfully you tracked me down!) I added this sew along site to my blog. I'm excited to learn from and share with all of you! :)