Saturday, August 22, 2009

A snippet from Claire Shaeffer

Hi everyone, Clare Shaeffer sent us another note with some tips:


When teaching a Chanel workshop, I begin with trims. I examined about 200 suits and have a couple of dozen of my own.
We spend the first day exploring a variety of trims that you can make from self-fabric, lining, or easy-to-find materials. (Very few jackets actually have braid.)

Determining a trim at the outset is particularly important when using either self-fabric or lining because you must think about where you are going to get the fabric for the trim or if you must cut the lining larger. I recommend purchasing 1/4 to1/2 extra to be sure you have enough fabric. That can be expensive, but it insures that you can create the design you want and won't be disappointed because you don't have enough fabric.

My workshop students make half of a sample jacket. If they want to take the workshop again, they can make a jacket for themselves. However, it's very difficult to make a jacket in 40 hrs., even if you have already fitted a muslin.

Hope things are going well.



  1. It's fun that she's sending us notes. Thanks Claire!!

  2. What a generous person to share this little tidbit! I heard Karl Lagerfeld say one time "Eet eez zee leetle treemz zat make zee differance between zee couture Chanel and zee udder stuff!!!!" He is so right. I've bought some really cool stuff from a store, but plan to visit a fabulous yarn shop close to my home, to intertwine in the trim to make it more "hand done" as Karl would say!

  3. Ditto Dawn! Thanks Claire for helping out. Actually, thanks to everyone who is offering their knowledge. So helpful!