Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It must be fabric day

Living in Chicago, you would think I could find a wool boucle...somewhere... I haven't found the hiding place, yet! So besides researching Linton Tweeds, I turned to the Garment District in NY. Lindsay T. has a great list of resources on her blog. I called four fabric stores in the district, and explained what I was looking for-- basically a solid,light color with texture. All the locations were very helpful and quick. It was a very painless way to shop! I loved looking at the many, many samples that showed up by post. I threw them in my bag on vacation so I could make a decision before my return. Actually this was very helpful because by the end of the trip it was very evident which ones would show the dirt! That was the easy elimination....At that point, I narrowed it to three samples, and decided on the pink boucle (seen below--the pic looks a bit more orange-y than it really is) from NY Elegant. They are sending it out today along with matching China Silk for the lining. Like I said, quick and painless! But I have to say...I am still taken by the beautiful blue below. Hopefully I am not having buyers remorse...
Now to find the trim! Anyone have a great resource for trim?


  1. Check out Vogue Fabrics. It's on Roosevelt downtown. I found a black one on their website that looked great.

  2. The pink is beautiful but that blue does look extra-luscious...