Monday, August 10, 2009


Hello everyone. I'm really excited about this sew-along. My mom sewed a "Chanel" jacket and wrap skirt about 45+ years ago. I'm not sure why she kept it all this time, especially since she didn't like it, but I think she struggled so much with it, she was not about to let it go. Surprisingly, she wanted me to have it, to "do something with", so I am going to attempt to turn both (tiny) pieces into one wearable jacket. As you may be able to see, the trim and lining has already been removed (thankfully it was not quilted down). I am starting over with the lining, of course, but I may reuse the trim.

Makes a nice contrast to the purple walls, lol. I just moved my sewing room into our daughter's old bedroom, therefore purple and green walls (they actually look pretty good). As you can see, there is a size issue to overcome.

Another one from the back

Once I pick both pieces apart, I need to zigzag all the edges and throw everything into a woolwash (by hand, of course) to get decades of dust out. I am "interviewing" several patterns right now and haven't decided yet, but once I narrow it down I will need to make a full muslin and then lay out and piece to that (I think).

Of course, since I started looking at patterns, I also looked at the Fall/Winter Couture Collection and liked it a lot, so now I am starting to eyeball this other fabric I have....oh no!


  1. well, I am in the middle of remaking a jacket of my husband's into a Chanel style jacket for me. There are certainly a lot of issues to resolve when the fabric is precut! At least you've got a bit to play with, with the skirt as well... I'm really enjoying the challenge, it's a very creative process - having to think a bit outside the square. Best of luck, can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Your jacket will carry on a legacy! :)

  3. For whatever reason your Mother decided to keep the suit aren't you glad she did! The fact that it belonged to her will make it even more special.

  4. wow 45 years ago.. so in the 60s? i wonder how she made it. if the details are done by hand, etc. some special old-fashioned technique. how nice of her to hand it to you :0

  5. Guiseppe, I just asked her about this afternoon and she made in a sewing class (which she hated) that she took on alternate evenings with our (then) neighbor. The lady staying at home would watch the children, the other would take the class. The next night they would switch. Sounded like a great idea. It does tell me that I estimated the suit a good 5-6 years older than it really is, which means my mom had a itty bitty waist after having me (grumble, lol). No special sewing techniques were employed in the making of the suit, lol. It is assembled by machine with a normal bagged lining (not quilted down as a "true" Chanel jacket is) and to be truthful, you can tell she was having a hard time with it. The exterior fit and assembly is great, but the interior not quite as much. I remember her telling me years and years ago how hard it was to make that suit, which she hardly ever wore once it was done. Pitty, I bet she looked terrific in it. Of course I benefit from it now.