Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chanel Inspiration

Good Morning All,
I am so excited and inspired by this Chanel sewalong.I hope I don't extend myself and think I can make just any jacket that I fancy!!!! Here is my jacket I want to make from the Spring/Summer 2009 collection. Imagine it without the black "sash" like article under the ribcage and minus the many baubles. Here are a couple of design features I hope to add or delete:
1. Double breasted jacket minus the sash,baubles.
2. Merge 2 patterns Vogue 8259 for the 3 part sleeve and Vogue 7975 model D for the elongated jacket,tapered fit.I love the slightly longer length.
3. How to do the double breasted look? Extend the placket? This is where my muslin will become my best friend and ANY advice you can give me will be graciously received!!!
4.Fabric choices-I have an ivory boucle that is soooo soft to the touch and I am experimenting with the trim. The trim looks like a cross between heavy lint and skinny caterpillar/grub. The trim will be an adventure.
5. Fabric choice could become null and void,when I go to NYC at the end of August and fall in love with another color.......but this is the choice now! Buttons will also be an adventure!

What is with this trim? Yarn? Lint? Old shoelaces? Anything goes???
I see 2 welt pocket...I can handle that.....I see many buttons.....but NO buttonholes????? Could I be that lucky???? Oh yeah..............I see some furry lion king fringe.......skinny fringe that is...
The ivory wool boucle,very lovely.
The ivory boucle with my first attempt and positioning the challenging trim.....Gotta get creative here.....Oh LindsayT will I find anything like this trim in NYC?????
Thank you to both Antoinette and Cindy-I am so excited!!!!!!!


  1. Joanne-- I LOVE the fabric. I love the double breast look and the fringe on the shoulder is flattering! This is going to be fun. Hope you find the fringe that would make it so original!~

  2. Hopefully some related inspiration, follow all parts till the end!

  3. Yes, I think M&J might have something close!

  4. My guess is barbed wire. ;) The ivory fabric sounds luscious!

    If you click over to the link Violet left above, I think you'll see the documentary Signe Chanel, and in the 3rd episode they show the woman who makes Chanel's braids. They show a surprising amount of her process. Not sure if you've seen this documentary but if not, it's particularly fascinating to see how the braid is made. I'd always wondered!

  5. I agree with Antoinette. It looks like barbed wire, and I know I've seen some trim like this. It's either leather or vinyl.