Friday, September 25, 2009

Rose - Trim

It's time for the fun part. I still haven't made a decision about the trim for the jacket. I could use the winter white or orange as a binding around the edges. The wool in both colors miters easily so either would work. I don't have any trim or ribbon that will work with the jacket fabric. Of course, I could go shopping! I kinda of like "that's it" feeling and it hasn't come yet. What do you think?

Hopefully, I can put scissors to fabric in the next few days.


  1. I like the orange.I makes the fabric pop. It looks like a lt. orange--peachy. I like it!

  2. Hi Rose. I love your fabric choice, especially with the orange wool contrast. The orange has warmth and adds a bit of brightness to the main fabric, in keeping with the autumn tones. The white is a crisper look. Looking forward to seeing your choice. I'm still trying to decide on the trim for mine as well.