Sunday, September 13, 2009

I've chosen the fabrics

The lining

This one is for the jacket itself

I have made a choice for the fabrics.
The tweed with multicoloured threads will be used for the shell. It is not made of wool but of a blend of cotton an man made fibre. It was very cheap, I will say about 4$ for a yard. I love the threads shining like gems. It is more of a summer fabric. It really caught my eyes. The only fear I have, is about the quality, but I read that Coco used fabrics that were considered too loose-woven to make jackets. That's why it needs to be quilted.
As for the silk lining it's a love-affaire aswell. I didn't buy it for this project, but when I saw it, it just shout to me " buy me, buy me! "
The colours are tremendous and make me want wrap my whole body with them.
I don't know if I will use the fuschia wool because it is heavier. But I can imagine it would look good as a border/trim. Anyway those fabrics works well together for me. I only have a yard of the fuschia wool and another way to use it would be as a skirt to wear with the jacket.
I'll be very glad to read any of your suggestions.
As a conclusion, I want to thank Cindy and Ann for their very nice help.

Shall I use this one too ?

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  1. I love your fabric choice - especially the lining :). Can't wait to see the jacket done.