Friday, September 18, 2009

Moving slowly - trim selection - Sue

Everyone is doing a great job on their jackets. I am moving very slowly but have a plan to break this into manageable chunks so that I do, at least, keep moving on it. First up is to find a trim. In my head I pictured a jacket trimmed with Petersham ribbon. However I can only find Grosgrain ribbon and it can't be shaped to attach around the neckline. So on my recent day trip to Brisbane I found this trim (shown on my fabric).

What do you think? I need to call the shop when I have made a decision so that they can post some up for me if I want it.
Next week I am meeting with my sewing guild group and plan to start drafting the pattern. After that hopefully I will start looking like I am getting somewhere...


  1. I think your trim is a perfect complement to the fabric--I really like it!

  2. Hi Sue, I agree with Marsha, it is a lovely match and far more interesting than I have been able to find here in Sydney. However, I have been looking for a deep aubergine colour that is hard to match. Having tried Spotlight, Lincraft, Tessuti, Saigon Fabrics without success, I called in at Photios Bros on my way home and they had a matching braid. Not quite what I had in mind but a perfect match colour-wise, so I'm hoping it will look good. Will post a picture shortly, as I think I now have everything needed to make a start.