Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Coat Finished!

I am happy to say my coat is done!

Even though it was a faux Chanel coat in the end, I am very satisfied with it. Well, that’s an understatement – this is the best sewn garment I have ever worked on! I made many jackets in the past, but none of them was sewn as neatly as this coat. Sewing the trim band took forever, but it was worth of every second I spent on it.

Here’s a picture of the coat on a hanger. I promise I’ll post the pictures of me wearing the coat, but I would like them to be taken when I’m all dressed up, instead of having on the current shorts and t-shirt combination.

The coat doesn’t have button closure, but metal frogs instead. They are sewn to the facing of the coat, so they are well hidden.

Since I didn’t quilt the lining to the shell fabric, I used the bagging a lining technique. The lining has a back pleat for better comfort.

To recapitulate:
- I was considering the two BWOF patterns: coat #116 from the 10/2005 issue and the jacket #108C from the 08/2006 issue. I opted for the coat pattern but altered it in the end. I guess I merged the best from the both styles.

- Since my hip measurements are one size bigger than my waist/top measurements, I traced the pattern in size 38 for the top and sleeves and size 40 for the bottom.

- The alterations included narrowing the coat in the waist area and narrowing the sleeves. Also I removed a bit of the sleeve head's ease. I made shoulder princess seams on front and back and made a mandarin collar. Also, I removed the button closure overlap of the central front panels. The coat’s length was cropped a bit as well.

I am so pleased with this coat, can't wait to wear it. I am envisioning various clothes combinations and matching shoes and accessories with them :). I just have to wait for weather to cool down a bit.


  1. You should be so proud! It looks fantastic and great idea to use metal frogs! What's next??

  2. Congratulations - fantastic job, a gorgeous coat! I love the metallic thread in the fabric.

    I am also loving the burda coat pattern, the one with 4 pockets. I think I might give it a crack myself, but it will have to be next autumn now - we're well into spring here - too late!

  3. It's great to hear your excitement. Congratulations. Can't wait to see it on you - it looks fabulous already and can only get better. Enjoy. Be proud.

    - Myrna

  4. Congratulations, enjoy your beautiful coat. Love to see the pictures of you wearing it.

  5. You look vey nice in your coat. The closure snaps are so clever and I love yor lining too
    Terrific and quick job