Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Inspiration and Disappointment

I know many of you are in the process of picking out buttons and trims for your jackets so I thought I'd share this picture of Chanel buttons. I think it is these wonderful details that make the jacket.

Meanwhile, I am disappointed and still waiting to find lining for either of the two pieces of fabric I have. As with so many others my local fabric options are nonexistant so I sent swatches of my fabrics to several well known stores. One of my favorite sources, Josephine's sent some nice swatches but nothing that I loved. Another store which shall remain unnamed and charges for swatches, assured me they had a large selection and sent 10 pieces. Among them a silk brocade and several others that were totally unsuitable for lining. And some of the swatches were only about 1" square. I am hoping to hear from 2 other stores this week so I can get started. In the meantime I'm in a holding pattern and checking often to see what everyone else is accomplishing.

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  1. You have to understand what clothing was like for women before Coco. Restrictive and lots of layers of clothing. While it was more casual in that context, it was still couture, which by definition is labor intensive. The whole method of quilting the lining to the outer shell is so that it moves as one and is light and comfortable, but also it doesn't need the interfacing of a traditional tailored jacket, but still holds it's shape.