Monday, September 21, 2009

Dawn - Trim

I have my fabric cut and am messing around with trim. I want something very low key like this black ribbon. I don't know where it came from because I inherited it from my husband's grandmother. This pattern does not have sleeve vents but you can add faux vents. If you need really sharp corners, how are you guys dealing with it? I can also see this being an issue on the pocket flaps.

You can see here that I pressed it down and created sharp edges. I would handstitch these down. What do you think? It must have polyester in it because it pressed well and made very sharp creases.

Here you can see it closer. I can't imagine how I would do this with something that isn't a ribbon. This one I did by mitering the corners and ironing them down.

I'll probably put this away for a few days anyway. I won't be able to go to my local fabric boutique until Saturday. I do want to see what they have available.


  1. Wonderful colors in your fabric. I would vote for mitering the corners of the trim. It's a bit more work and has (I think) a nicer look. A dot of glue can hold the turn nicely until you stitch it in place. Wonderful that it presses so well. That helps a lot.

    - Myrna

  2. Honestly, your fabric looks fabulous and this trim is taking it down a notch. It's just not worthy of it. If you like ribbon, then order petersham from the Sewing Place online and you can make it curve and behave like you want. Or look into trims at M&J. If you want to go with black you have a ton of trim options besides ribbon.

  3. I was going to suggest Petersham ribbon but didn't know where to find it - thanks for the link Lindsay T!

  4. I agree with Lindsey T. Your fabric is gorgeous and deserves a wonderful trim.