Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I have been working on the pattern for my jacket. I am making decisions about the fit and design elements which just about can make you go crazy! I am on my third muslin and finally feel like I am getting closer to a possible project. I am merging pattern pieces from two Vogue patterns seen above. I am using the 3 piece sleeve and pockets from V8259 and the V-neck princess seam jacket shell from V8359. I am eliminating a lot of length and the front closures from the jacket.
Here is a quick glimpse at my third muslin. I won't go into to detail all the alterations completed...oh my! I am still working on the shoulders and sleeve cap. For fun, I am playing around with a double tier pocket look. I checked out four Chanel books from the library to get ideas, and realize that not one jacket looks alike. There wasn't a right or wrong way to add trim, pocket, or buttons. I guess, the sky is the limit!
My parting picture shows the pink wool boucle and velvet ribbon/braided trim. I am going to layer the trim on a bit of fringe. It is all about the details for me! I still need to purchase the charmeuse lining, chain for hem, and hopefully vintage buttons for the sleeves and pockets. Am I going overboard? I am hoping to wear the jacket over a black strapless Aline dress for an upcoming wedding this winter. After drooling over all the beautiful Chanel photographs, I am loving pink and black together! And how about the double strand of pearls tied with a charming black velvet ribbon? Swoon...


  1. Your wedding outfit sounds beautiful. And I'm dfinitely going to try the pattern morphing between those two Vogue patterns one of these days. I am so curious about that 3 piece sleeve but the jacket looks a little too "uptight" for me. ANd I truly love the buttons and loops on the cardigan version. Can't wait to see your progress. I'm still in the fabric choice process.

  2. The outfit sounds good to me too. Good luck with getting the fit right.