Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dawn - Another Muslin Tweak

Again, this is copy/pasted from my personal blog.

I put a tuck in it on the front, sleeves, and back to raise the armscye. I didn't take it apart to do these alterations. I did it while they were all sewn together so the intersections are a lot wonky. I took them up by about 1/2" and I have so much more range of motion. It's amazing how much difference a tighter armscye makes. Obviously, I'll have to move the dart down. It was pretty right on in the other photos but it's too high here.

Back wrinkle is still there. I'm going to tackle that on my next muslin. I think Debbie Cook is correct in that this is a boxy jacket and I'm not boxy. I want to keep the boxy feel so I'll play with the side seams until it falls correctly.

The bust area looks funny but I think most of that is from the dart being in the wrong spot.

You can see there is much less pulling across the front with my arms out.

Here are the alterations. I'll take the tuck in the chest and I'll move the dart down the same amount.

I think I'm about ready to cut into fabric. I am going to start with a cheapy boucle first as my second trial. I plan to finish that one fully but I want to work out the construction before I use my really nice wool boucle. I still haven't decided between the houndstooth and rust-colored boucle. I love them both!

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