Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Misconception - Myrna

I just finished reading the article The Comfortable Side of Couture: Practical Techniques of Coco Chanel in the out of print book Great Sewn Clothes from Threads Magazine. Great article. I'm looking forward to the rest of the book.

Was I ever under a misconception. For some reason, because Chanel's garments were different than the norm at her time I guess, I had imagined them as less labour intensive and quite possibly they were compared to other garments at that time. However, I must have been comparing to the present. After reading this article, the 100-200+ hours that some of you have mentioned is starting to make sense - a LOT of handwork.

I'm enjoying learning more about Chanel. Now, along with contemplating my pattern and fabric choices and how I want to be inspired by Chanel, I'm also debating how to get the look I want without quite that much work. I wonder how Chanel would construct a garment in today's sewing world? Intriguing question.

- Myrna


  1. Don't know what Coco would do, but I'm forced to use a traditional bagging the lining technique. Silly me - I tested my fashion fabric afer I cut it; it turned out the quilting stitches do not blend into the wool at all, and are quite visbile. Not the effect I wanted on my coat. So, I'll sew a faux Chanel coat in the end. To be honest, I am kind od relieved (I was afraid I would get overwhelmed by duration of the process and that this coat would become an UFO).

  2. When I am able to start, somewhere near Sept. 15th, I am also debating how to get the Chanel look with quite that much work.

  3. I received my copy of "Great Sewn Clothes" yesterday and did my reading last night as well. I agree the time factor is immense and I keep thinking that my fabric will fray in the side seams as I wear my jackets frequently, what am I going to do?