Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello Everybody....

... my name is KayB from Galway/Ireland and I'm blogging at All Things Beautiful for some time now. Even though I'm not a regular (speak consistent) sewer, once the bug grabs me I really enjoy sitting in front of the sewing machine again.
Ever since I watched 'Coco avant Chanel' I promised myself that I would try to make a Chanel jacket. I also own the DVD of the 2008 'Coco Chanel' movie with Shirley MacLaine and watched it now extensively to find some form of inspiration for a jacket for myself.
Then, one week ago, I went to my local fabric shop and in the sales section I found a fabric, which was not only looking at me, but shouting 'buy me, buy me' - and so I did - for 5 Euro/meter.
I was absolutely gobsmacked, because I never expected to find something, and I didn't go to look for anything specific. The quality, even though on the thinner side, isn't that bad, with 40% viscose, 30% cotton, 10% wool and only 20% polyester. Appropriately enough, the fabrics name was/is Chanel.
So now I didn't have an excuse not starting my Chanel jacket. On my search for a pattern, I then stumbled on Sigrid's blog over this sew-along here. How many more 'winks' would I need - what's for you won't pass you - so they say.

I still didn't find a suitable pattern and the silk lining as well as all the trimmings yet, but this is part of the journey I'm looking forward to take.

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  1. The Chanel name was a definite sign to join along! Welcome aboard.