Wednesday, September 9, 2009

reference to quilting lining

Gail asked for a reference to quilting a lining on my personal blog. Google gave me this link for the preview of the book Couture sewing techniques from Claire Shaeffer. I have the book and it's wonderful.

An example of the finished result is clearly visible in LauraLo's jacket and in Erica B's jacket.

No inside pictures, but here are a few great pictures of Chanel jackets.

(all links found by doing a google search for "quilting lining Chanel jacket", of course there are many more)


  1. I agree the Claire Schaeffer book is GREAT! At least the part on the making of a Chanel Jacket. I just got the book a couple of days ago, the Chanel jacket part is all I've had time to read so far. It has very clear and detailed info on quilting the jacket.

  2. I will be making another Chanel jacket this fall. Anyway, my flickr album has some detailed photos of the quilting process too.