Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vouge 7975

The sleeves are now basted in, awaiting feedback from my "in-house fitting consultant". However, I'm reasonably happy with the way they are sitting, just needing a final check of the back.

As promised, here are a few of the construction pics showing how the lining is attached. More pics are shown in previous posts for the jacket body and sleeve.

I eliminated all facings and cut a full lining, then bagged and quilted the jacket body. I also used a lightweight fusible interfacing called Sheerweft to stabilise the fabric. For the 2-piece sleeves I sewed the elbow seam (with ease) then quilted the lining and fabric while flat, then hand stitched the remaining lining seam (after machine stitching the fabric seam). I plan to trim and finish the armhole with a bias strip.


  1. Thank you so much for answering my question!!! I was about to have a come-a-part. I want a professional looking product, but can't spare to many hours of work. Thanks again. I am following your lead.

  2. wow -that is looking just amazing - those sleeves have been set beautifully!

  3. So pretty- I love that shade of purple you used for the lining :-D

  4. The sleeves look great from here!

  5. Oh, I love your fabric even more now that I see the jacket almost done! The sleeves look perfect, and I really like the shape of your jacket.
    I finished my coat almost a month ago, and now I'm meditating whether I should make another Chanel jacket for my mom. Maybe I'll take another tour with you, girls! :)