Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dummy question - how to hand sew a lining?

I'm just at the point of sewing the lining to the jacket and I'm trying to decide whether to do it by machine or by hand. Since the front zipper is already topstitched I though maybe I would sew the side seams by hand. So here's my question: how do I do this? What stitch should I use? Should I sew from the outside (with the edge of the lining folded over and pinned down) or from the inside?

Any advice appreciated!


  1. This is - I'm sure - one of those questions with more than one right answer. Mine is that I sew from the outside along the fold using a slip stitch so that you can't see any of the stitches when you're done. I like to use short stitch lengths and a very small, very thin, needle called an in-between that I think was originally for quilting.

    Good luck - Myrna

  2. If this helps-- Susan Khalje suggests in he Threads article to use a fell stitch to sew the seams. Good luck.

  3. Seconding what Cindy wrote above. Susan Khalje recommends a fell stitch for attaching the lining. She demonstrated attaching a lining in that fabulous class I took with her in August.

  4. Yes I have used a fell stitch so that you cant see anything . I also basted it all first. Its really helpful to use a very small needle. Its quite therapeutic and really makes one see why they cost so much . I dont think the RTW ones are done like this though. Good luck