Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fitting the Muslin

I made the muslin for my daughter’s jacket and did a fitting. I have a student who is learning to sew. She observed the fitting, making it part of the lecture. You can see from the picture the alterations I am making.

I am very proud of my student because she has no fear, she just dives in. We are using the trial and error method. She will make a garment in muslin in order to practice sewing techniques, interpreting the sewing instructions on the pattern guide sheet on her own. I then critique the pieces, demonstrating what she needs to do to make it better. She decided she will make a Chanel-style jacket for her first project and will be sewing along with me. As I said, she has no fear, and that’s a good thing. Here's her muslin. I will have her help me with my fitting next.

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  1. Very helpful, thanks
    I must admit that I am nervous about making my first muslin ever