Saturday, October 17, 2009

A question about pattern size terminology 'BB'

Edited 2009-10-18 to include photo of 'BB' reference

Hi, I needed to purchase extra silk charmeuse for the bias finish on the jacket armscye and decided to "Go Chanel" so I now have enough silk for a sleeveless blouse with flounce (to match the jacket lining) and (hopefully) a skirt lining as well - very exciting! The pattern I've chosen is Butterick 5284 view B without the sleeves (or with short sleeves) and possibly without the collar. I'm doing a muslin first and when checking the pattern size/fit I noticed it has the notation BB (8-10-12-14). This has intrigued me. Does anyone know what the "BB" means? I've googled it unsuccessfully and can't find it explained on the pattern cover, pattern glossary or instructions. Thanks.

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  1. This should be nothing more than Butterick's name for this grouping of sizes. Other letters are used for other groupings. I don't think it really has any more meaning than that. Someone correct me if I am wrong.