Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dawn - It's coming along

I have not given up but my life has been buuuuusy with fall.

I decided to go with hook and eyes instead of a zipper. With all the colors in the boucle and trim, I didn't want another color for the zipper. I thought about black but didn't want a dark line cutting my jacket in half. This, I think, is better.

It has sleeves.

Here's the finished trim on the sleeves. The trim is applied with the sewing machine in two passes.

First I zigzagged on the gold using a matching thread. This is my test strip. I ended up using a narrower zigzag.

Then I used a straight stitch to apply the blue trim. You can see the manufacturer used a straight stitch to create the loops (look closely at the blue thread). My test version is with gold but look at the photo above of the finished sleeve and you can barely see the stitches.

This week I hope to get the rest of the trim on and quilt the lining.

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  1. Hi Dawn, this looks great and the machine stitching blends in well with the trim.