Sunday, October 18, 2009

Behind the Seams : Chanel Vol. 1

I received a thoughtful email from David Page Coffin today. He stumbled on the blog and sent a link to Claire Shaeffer's blog for Behind The Seams: The Shaeffer Collection Vol. 1, Chanel. There is a preview to the CD and some eye candy for us "Chanel-lovers." Check out page 3 and the gorgeous fur trim!
David Coffin is sending a CD my way and I can't wait to see it. I will be back soon to give a full review! Anyone else seen the CD?
I added the blog link to the resource list.


  1. Cindy I think tha t Ann from Ann's fashion Studo owns the CD
    I've previewed it on David Page Coffin.
    This man is very nice indeed; I exchanged a couple of mail with him and he was so eager ti help me.
    I think you American people are so open hearted and friendly.
    BTw I am to start my muslin today


  2. Good luck Marie-Noelle! I am preparing my pattern and thread tracing today!

  3. I've been so eager to get a copy of this since I think it will be a beautiful resource.