Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wanderlust to Chanel

After Wandering Aimlessly for the past month...I'm back and now ready to delve into the making of my Chanel jacket. I have finally decided upon Vogue 8369. There were several choices that I had been contemplating but I truly loved the V8369 due to the neckline and the longer length of the jacket. I’m 5’10” and am short-waisted with very long legs so the shorter version jackets that I’ve seen other participants make won’t work for me.

It has taken me a while to find this out-of-print pattern. The Vogue Patterns website does still offer it but only in the smaller sizes so I have been on a constant search since the past December. As luck would have it I was clicking around the internet the other day and happened upon Pattern Mania on Etsy and low and behold she had the pattern in the larger sizes and at a very reasonable price. I ordered and paid for the pattern on Saturday the 23rd and I received it today, Wednesday the 27th. Very fast and nicely shipped in a cellophane sleeve and shipping envelope. I’ll definitely purchase from her again!

I’ve also been compiling some reference and resource materials to aid me in my sewing of this jacket. I received “Couture Sewing Techniques” by Claire Shaeffer from my daughter for Christmas. What a fantastic gift!!! Prior to receiving this gift, I had purchased “Great Sewn Clothes” from Threads. I am now on the search for Threads Magazine No. 121, pages 34 – 40 for the “Inside Secrets of a Chanel Jacket” article by Susan Khaljie. Tough issue to find…wish me luck!  Any help in finding it would be greatly appreciated.

As far as fabric goes, for my first jacket I am starting with a boucle that I purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics. I chose a fabric that had a combination of browns, golds and oranges. As always the picture doesn’t do the fabric justice. The jacket will be the perfect color for fall in New England. This is the first time I’ve chosen a fabric in these color ranges. I usually stick to mauves and purples...I’m trying to break away from the norm...walk on the wild side for once...if you can call this fabric wild.

Now that I have the fabric in hand I can now make a better call on the lining color too. I found a real nice silk on Fabric Mart that might fit the bill. Have to look into it a little bit more along with getting thread to match. In the mean time I’m going to look over the pattern instruction sheet and notes by Claire Shaeffer, press the pattern pieces and adjust them as necessary and then cut and sew the muslin.

I am now off and running...all be it very slowly!

TTFN ~ mimi o ~


  1. Mimi O....

    Just a quick note to help you obtain a copy of the Threads issue 121 you seek. As suggested by another blog follower (many, many thanks btw), I called Threads toll free number directly, and (although their website shows the issue no longer available) a customer service representative checked her database and was able to obtain a copy of the magazine for me.

    Another helpful blogger indicated she had only been able to obtain a faxed copy of the article, so I didn't expect much more than that when I called. I was delighted to recieve an actual copy of the magazine in the mail about a week later for a nominal fee.

    I have filed my copy alongside the July/Aug 1989 (Issue 23) of Threads. The feature article inside this Threads is by Claire Shaeffer, entitled "Inside a Chanel Jacket--The Comfortable Side of Couture," and is well worth having, as well. I am now saving for her book, "Couture Sewing Techniques." (What a nice gift from your daughter.)

    I wish you good luck on your search and can't wait to see you put into practice the information from these references!

  2. We have both gone outside our norm with our fabrics. I usually wear the browns/golds/oranges and my fabric is a mauve.

    It is too hot in Sydney at the moment to contemplate starting my jacket however as soon as it cools down I am ready to get moving.

    I look forward to seeing your progress.

  3. You can always buy the threads archive on DVD. Santa bought me one and it is great.

  4. Badmomgoodmom...what a great gift! I would love the archive on DVD but a little out of the price range at the present time. b-day is coming up in May maybe I should tell my DH that this is something I'd love to receive. ;-)