Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Am I too late?

Holy Cow! I actually can't believe I'm this late....but I'm getting this done!

What is so interesting as I'm working and working a long, long time, I'm thinking, "How much do these run in RTW and even couture?" So I looked this up.

Here's the site that says they are $5,000 for off the rack (which I think is cheap), and up to $20,000 for custom. And let's face it - that is exactly what we have here...custom made Chanel Jacket. Here's is the jacket from that site: (this isn't my jacket).


Will post some pictures and other pictures here, cause I sort of developed some interesting techniques along the way!!

And I am pleased with how this is coming. I have to do some work for a client, and then back to my jacket!!

1 comment:

  1. Welcome! It'll be fun to see you create your own perfectly fitted $20,000 couture jacket. [aside: this is a take two. I was sure I left a comment yesterday, but it went awol in the ether].