Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm sew embarrassed

I'm so embarrassed....I should have finished my jacket by now, and had high hopes.

However all is not lost. I actually have a deadline (this means probably an all-nighter - oh and I LOVE my all-nighters when I get to sew all night long - no phone calls, clients, emails, messages - nothing to bother me!)

My fabric is here staring (OK, it's been giving me dirty looks all though this last blizzard....what are blizzards for anyway if you can't catch up on your sewing!), at me and I have my new labels and I'm dyin' to put them in sumptin' - anything.

But most of all I want to show my students what you can actually do with some gorgeous fabric and skillful techniques....all you have to do is know them and practice them, and too can have a couture constructed wardrobe.

So if this blog closes before I get the jacket done, I'll post it on my blog (hopefully it won't), but don't wait on me. Otherwise I'll feel guilty - I've already got enough guilt about my tardiness in finishing this jacket!!!!



  1. Claire- don't be embarrassed. i am just beginning of mine too! We will keep the blog ongoing...for awhile anyway! Many sewers are still reading it. Can't wait to see your jacket! And take your time!

  2. Gosh Claire, forget being embarrassed. It's supposed to be fun, so don't let your fabric or your projects or a SAL deadline (which is an artificial deadline anyway, KWIM?) guilt you into feeling bad about your sewing. Enjoy the process, and hopefully we'll be able to see it on your blog. I'm looking forward to making another jacket myself this year.

  3. Just enjoy the proccess of making it. If we can't enjoy it then it isn't worth it.I have learned that when I sew, whether it is done in a day, or takes 6 months, that it should be FUN, not just a job that has to be done. The pride in the end is worth it all.

  4. is anyone still participating in the chanel jacket sew along. i have just discovered this site and i was so excited i want so much to make myself a chanel jacket i have ordered the out of print threads issue that had the article on how a chanel jacket is made. i hope it explains in detail how the jacket is sewn. joanne from georgia