Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chanel Quilting and Basting

Hello everyone. It has been awhile, and let me tell you...I am on a roll and excited about my Chanel. I mean, I have always been excited about my jacket and this sew along, but I have tried to make the jacket along with other sewing projects which didn't work. Now that I have enough winter clothes and the holidays are over, I am concentrating on the Chanel--just the Chanel! The deadline might have past...but the sew along is still going strong so if you are interested in still participating, please email me! There has been several new sewists who have just joined in the past week.

Today I finished quilting my pieces. I am sticking with the Susan Khalje's Thread 121 article.

1. I cut the silk charmeuse roughly the same size as my boucle pattern pieces. The wrong sides are together. 2. I pinned where I needed to quilt. The lines are one inch apart. I stopped two inches above the hem. Also, I left a bit more than an inch at the seams/edges.
3. Here you can see the quilt stitching on the charmeuse side. The walking foot has been a big help. No slipping fabric! Important to mention, do not backstitch when you are sewing the lines! Just wait...
4. The most time consuming part so far...was pulling the threads on the ends to the inside and knotting. I used a pin to help pull.

Right now, I am beginning to baste the jacket together! It is exciting to see it come together.

I pinned the silk out of the way with silk pins. Then I basted on the thread traced lines

Elizabeth, you are right. The seam allowances are so big that, I hope, it won't be hard to get a right fit! Be back soon!


  1. Thanks for the pics, your jacket is looking lovely. I'll be interested to hear your experience with the wide seam allowances, and whether this makes it easier or harder to fit.

    I've been working on my jacket too, and over the last couple of days hand stitched the chain and trim. Only the pockets and bias finish on the sleeves to go. I'll post an update shortly.

  2. It is exciting! When you look at those giant hunks of fabric all basted together and then suddenly it is transformed and begins to resemble an actual piece of clothing. My favorite part is after the seam allowances are trimmed out and the lining is all ready to fell stitch.

  3. It looks so pretty. How exciting!

  4. Looks great! You're well on your way to having a true-to-form Chanel jacket!

  5. What a beautiful jacket and color. I too am curious about those 1" seam allowances. Yes, each fabric is slightly different and quilting will take up some fabric but wow, that seems (ha ha) like a lot of seams. I did think that one of the reasons Chanel did that was so that they could adjust each jacket for a particular opposed to what I do, adjust the pattern first for my particular body. I have yet to do this full long Chanel version, only the stitich and flip Chanel version....I'm addicted to it, just finished doing the back seams of my next jacket. If I can find the camera here in FL I'll post also.

  6. Your jacket is really going to be gorgeous. Love the color!

  7. Fantastic! That is going to be gorgeous!

  8. Love the fabric color and your jacket is turning out well.