Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trim for the Chanel

Today I am working on my Chanel jacket. I am taking a break from cutting out the charmeuse lining. More on that later...I was playing around with the trim too and decided to use a bit of fringe with the ric rac, velvet trim.
Here it is on the fashion fabric. I adore the pink! It reminds me when my girls were babies and we were surrounded by this soft, innocent color.
What do you think? And I am in need of advice...should I hand sew the velvet trim to the fringe then hand sew it to the jacket? I am guessing yes, but I just need a little reassurance! Thank you in advance.


  1. Cindy If you want to know all about Chanel trim
    you must have a look at those awefull links

    I thank Digs ( introducing me to this wonderful and so inspirational blog link

  2. Love the pink - that will be beautiful on your jacket.