Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not a UFO but...

Hello! The last month has not seen much progress on my Chanel jacket, although I have been playing with different ideas (still) for the trim and today bought the chain. It is almost finished and possibly would be if it were winter. However it is summer here, the fabric is wool and the weather is hot (like super hot) so I have put it aside for now. It will not be forgotten though ... I have it on my dress form with various trim combinations pinned to it and am so looking forward to wearing it in the Autumn. I'm still following all the posts, enjoying the reviews and will post again, if the sew-along is still open, when I pick up the project next. Thanks Cindy and Antoinette, this was a great idea and I've learnt heaps. It's been so enjoyable and fun to sew with such a lovely group.

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