Saturday, December 19, 2009


The Chanel Knock Off

What did I learn?
  • This fabric, silk/linen/cotton- not so good for a Chanel. This fabric has the structure of a cloth diaper. This jacket could be wadded up into a small ball if so desired. And it just might. So, it does resemble an earlier Chanel that is more sweater weight than a structured jacket.
  • My next, true Chanel (months from now) will not have plaids. These were aligned perfectly and once the quilted lining was installed, this jacket shrank, moved, and shifted like you would not believe.
  • I think this fabric stretched. How can that be?
  • The quilted lining was a good experience. Laborious, but invaluable.
  • Trim disaster. I ran out of trim for the bottom of the jacket. Why is it that I can buy enough toilet paper to last my household until Y3K, but neglect to purchase an extra yard of trim, now sold out? So we picked a similar match and if you don't look too close.........
  • The faux Chanel CC gold buttons D1 insisted on. They do look kinda official. Purchased from MandJTrimming NYC.
  • She loves it. Whisked away to college before I had the chance to take decent pictures.
  • I recall Birgitte from Bubblegum for Breakfast referring to her Chanel as a "ragamuffin". Amen sister. I get it.
  • Overall-I enjoyed the experience. It does not meet my sanity standards, but for a first run, it was a great education, and I have one happy customer...........


  1. wow - looks great despite all your travails! My only suggestion about the fabric stretching is that loose weave fabrics will do that, also did you use directional sewing (sewing everything the same direction?) because the feeddog will pull the fabric too. It looks great - well done you!

  2. I can just imagine your DD's supreme satisfaction: fancy, but not TOO fancy. In other words, perfect! It really does look great. Much, much thanks for the tip re. CC buttons, I'll have to visit M&J when I'm in the neighbourhood next week!

  3. Too cute!! I can't tell the trim doesn't match. Nice job.

  4. I love this, Joanne! It looks nubby and linen-y like the jackets from Chanel Spring 2010. It's perfect and youthful the way it is. You rock!

  5. the jacket looks good on you. it's a shame the fabric did not meet your criteria

  6. Joanne!!! This is gorgeous!!! I love the soft look of the fabric. I love the ragamuffin comparison b/c I could see saying the same thing about mine. Nice job.

  7. Your jacket looks fabulous! I can appreciate your all the work you put into this!

  8. The jacket looks fabulous! I love the trim and the buttons.
    Very Chanel indeed and trendy enough to be worn by a young lady like your daughter.
    Those fabrics are very hard to work with. Mine is mostly man made and very loose, so
    I was very anxious that it lost its shape.
    I massively steamed it with my iron before handling it.
    As for matching the stripes and plaids I basted it from the right side with a fell stitch that I secured with running stitches on the wrong side, It took hours but it paid off and everything staid matched.

  9. Beautiful job, Joanne! I can imagine your frustration at aligning those plaids and then having the quilting pull it all out of whack, but you really don't notice when you aren't the mastermind behind it. I am sure it will be a highly complimented and coveted garment!

  10. This is beautiful. I'm enjoying all the jackets posted on this site, but yours really struck a chord with me. I want ragmuffiny, softy and comfy. And luxurious at the same time. Congratulations.

    Did you use an even feed food when you were sewing?