Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Better Late Than Never…

Through my recent web surfing activities I accidentally stumbled upon this blog and was just thrilled to see the topic of interest; a Sew-A-Long for making a Chanel Jacket, how lovely and exciting!!

I traveled through the accompanying links of the various participants and was pleased to see everyone’s projects in various stages of the construction process. Seeing that there had been a deadline I decided to give it a shot to see if the blog would be continuing and contacted Cindy to sign up

What luck…she mentioned that this sew-a-long would continue through the winter and I saw this as an opportunity to work on a great project and have a “some-what” structured time-frame to complete it in. I am looking forward to working on my jacket and receiving input…first up will be the pattern.

Please visit my post Mail Call…Another Sewing Goodie to help me decide. Let me know what you think and feel about your pattern of choice and any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Here are some of my choices:

Vogue 7975

Vogue 8369
Vogue 8259

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Thanks ~ mimi o ~


  1. Hi, I like your pattern choices. I chose V7975 because I not only liked the style, but thought if would be fairly easy to construct as my first Chanel like jacket. I so wanted a two piece sleeve and more pockets, but opted for the one piece sleeve and front faux pocket. I'm glad that I went with the simple princess lines. They actually made the jacket easier to fit in areas that needed it. Though I stressed A WHOLE LOT during the process, I am so very pleased with the finished project that I know I will make another Chanel. How many Chanels does a girl need? I don't know, but I do know I want more than one. Enjoy your process. Who knows, if I can find some boucle fabric I might be joining you before winter's end.

  2. Welcome! You're not the last - and I'm very glad Cindy extended the blog closure deadline, because I'm still working on finalizing the finish of my two jackets. I chose 7975 over 8259 because it has more body shape, and since I'm fairly curvy (13" difference between waist & hip!) - 8259 would have made me look like a barrel. But, I adapted the 3 piece sleeve from 8259 to the 7975 body - that way, I literally have the best of both worlds! Mwahahahahah!

    Looking forward to seeing your creation - step by step.

  3. Welcome Mimi, I am using the V8369 but changed it quite a bit-- raised V neck and shortened. It is a good basic. Also, I used the 3 part sleeve from V8259. They are all three strong patterns. Good luck!

  4. Don't worry you are not the last to start. I've got all my bits, but now it is Summer in Australia and I can't face it at present.

    I will be using 7975 as it is already adjusted to fit me and I really like how it is a more fitted style.

  5. Welcome Mimi,
    This SAL is so friendly that you'll enjoy every minute of it.
    I experienced some hard time with the fitting
    but each time there was somebody to help and bring my sewing mojo back.
    I used 7975 for the body and 8259 for the three piece sleeve and the constructiion
    Susan Khalje article Inside a Chanel Jacket is rely helpful if you want to quilt your fabric. So is Couture Sewing Tecniques. Ifell in love with this book and I ordered a copy on Amazon.
    I wish everybody a nice sewing day and I am going back to cutting my fabric


  6. Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I have the 7975 but am in love with the 8369 due to my figure. I am 5'10" and all legs and am worried that a shorter jacket will emphasis my having more legs than body. I tend to lean toward a longer jacket for these reasons and just think the styling on the 8369 is just lovely.

  7. I just got a copy of 8369 on Ebay, so I am selfishly hoping you choose that one, so that I can see it!! I, too am more leg than body. I think this one has a very nice silhouette.

  8. Yes the 8369 does have a nice silhouette. With the holidays this project has been put to the back burning due to working on gifts for my daughter and the rest of the family. I can't wait until after Christmas for I will become a "Selfish Seamstress" ;-)