Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And eventually everything went together

I reported the stitching lines on the fabric with basting thread and on the lining with tailor's chalk and then I cut the fabric and the lining keeping large seam allowances.
Then quilting the lining was easier than expected. I used a walking foot for this.

It is really important to keep the quilting lines an inch away the stitching line or it would be really challenging to sew the jacket by machine (don't ask me how I know....). To sew the pieces together, the lining seam allowances were kept away from the stitching line with pins.
Once the pieces were sewn together, the lining was sewn by hand, concealing the seam allowances.
And finally the hem and the facing were hand sewn:
I did most of the hand stitching during a looooooong phone call.

My jacket was almost finished:
I just had to choose buttons and braids.

I wanted to go for contrast, and I fell in love with a red braid that I bought without thinking twice. Once at home, I pinned my lovely red braid to the jacket:
The result was not exactly the chic jacket I had in mind... so I did not stitch the braid to the jacket and kept thinking about it...

Since my husband has a kind of "Chanel eye" for buttons, I asked him to choose some buttons for my almost done new jacket. I would have chosen white pearl buttons... he came home with black buttons instead. But he was right and I finally chose a black braid to complete my jacket.

Here you are my Chanel style jacket, what do you think about it?
A detail of the sleeve vent, the buttons and the black braid:

I love this jacket and I have been wearing it a lot during past two months!!!
You can't see the matching red shoes in this picure...


  1. What a nice job, it's a lovely jacket.

  2. It's lovely! Your hubby has a good eye. Mine is helpful that way, too. Isn't it nice that we can share our hobby, even in a small way?

  3. Lovely jacket and a beautiful job of the quilting. Glad you are enjoying wearing it.

  4. The black trim and buttons are perfect. And the red accessories seal the deal!

  5. It's really beautiful. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  6. This is my first visit here and I must say this is not a sewing blog. This is ART! Fabulous! I will just bookmark you for now and maybe add you to my blog list later. Why? Envy, pure and simple. I am not sure how much of your fabulous self I can take. "SMACK!" that was blowing a kiss not the other kind of smack :)

  7. The jacket is lovely. The black trim is just right.

  8. The jacket is beautiful. The black trim changed the entire feel of the jacket. I love it! What are you making now? Gita

  9. Love the final choices, looks great!

  10. Thanks for following me! That jacket looks like a very big job, well done. I love the lining on the other one, you have a rainbow available to you at all times!

  11. Thanks, everyone!

    Sorry for the late reply, this 2010 has been a crazy year!

    My Chanel style jacket has been a huge success: people stop me to know where I bought it or to tell me how good it looks on me and I proudly answer with a huge smile: I made it... :-D

    I am loosing weight and this jacket is now too large (another huge smile) and I had to take in the front and side seams. However, it is still too large and I am using it as a coat rather than as a jacket. The quilted lining acts as a good wind shield.

    I am now looking forward to working on the next jacket: I am gathering material and preparing the pattern. The pattern will be Vogue 7975.

    I will post on this blog when I have news.

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