Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where to begin...

I am so pleased that a sew-along has finally happened. I can't wait to get started and thrilled with the response of interest. I love that there are sewers of all levels of "Chanel"knowledge involved in the process. I am looking forward to hearing about experiences and sharing our ideas. Also, it sounds as if there is going to be a lot of different projects going on which will be fun--refashioning, vintage pattern, military-style jacket, and even a sewist who has personal shots of the inside of a Chanel jacket!

During the next few months, we might be at various stages of our project. I thought, that I would share my doodle notes of my tentative schedule for August. This month is a crazy month at our house between visitors, travel, and the start of school. I am going to take the month to organize my project. You ask what does this mean?
Well...here is my "to do" list:
1. Buy a Wool Tweed Boucle Fabric (preferably in blue) and a silk lining. (a list of sources will post soon)
2. Figure out the style of jacket and decide on a pattern or a mix of patterns... Right now I am torn between modern and vintage. I do know that I want the "Chanel-ism features" of seams from the shoulders and the three piece sleeve.

3. Read up on Chanel Jacket Making: books, articles, and blogs (list to follow).

4. Buy a walking foot.

5. Buy a good muslin for jackets.
6. Notions--find out what I need besides silk and beeswax thread...

7. Persuade my husband to visit family in NYC in the fall so I can buy trim from Garment District. Unrealistic? Maybe... I need to lure him with some type of football tickets...hmmmm...
Need more thought!
Am I forgetting anything? Please tell!


  1. Great plan! And if you can't convince your husband to make that trip, I am available for personal shopping. :) I have a feeling I'll buy enough for ten jackets anyway.

  2. Hey Cindy, What is the walking foot for?

  3. Gail- the walking foot helps to stabilize the fabric when quilting the silk lining to the boucle. Quilters use it. I have read that it helps tremendously.

  4. My husband and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary in a few months. I have been thinking that I should suggest we make a trip to NYC! Sort-of like you, I was thinking of making some sort of trade-off. I would go to a baseball game or something in the evening if he spent the morning/day shopping in the garment district with me! I have been to NYC many times, but not since I began sewing so passionately!!