Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello from Ana

Hello everyone,

My name is Ana. I am from Belgrade, Serbia. I am not a blog writer, but some of you might know me from Burdastyle, as AnaJan.

When I first saw an announcement for this sew along, I had Lindsay's Chanel-Style coat on my mind. I loved it, and I thought of making something similar myself. Now I see Lindsay's participating in this sew along as well :).

I started browsing through my BWOF collection (I am a Burda girl) and found several interesting patterns. Here are my picks:

BWOF 10/2005, #116.

I would probably alter the collar on this one and change it to a mandarin collar. Also, I think I would change the pockets.
I have some beautiful pale purple boucle with discreet golden threads in my stash. I think some dark purple embellishment would work fine with it.

BWOF 8/2006, #108C
I love everything about this jacket, and the whole style the model wears, in general. (Well, I would omit the pink purse - pink and red combination is a definite NO to me). I love the construction of the jacket and I like the zipper - it gives the jacket less formal look, which works for me better.
In case I opt for this model, I'd have to buy a fabric, probably in the same color as on the picture.

Knowing me, I'll change my mind several times before making a final decision on pattern choice. And, I'll probably look for some more interesting patterns, so this is not a final list.

I will be quiet in the following 2 weeks, since I go on a vacation, but I'll try to follow your posts.

See you soon!


  1. I adore both stlyes! Glad to have you. I love your garments on Burdastyle.

  2. Those both look like really sharp choices!

  3. I am so lovin' that coat - I am even thinking I might try my hand at something similar .. can't wait to see what you do!