Friday, July 31, 2009

So Many Chanel Jackets, So Little Time

Hmm, what's a girl to make?

On the one hand, I love this red Chanel jacket from the 2008/09 Paris-Moscou collection with its cleverly placed trim:

On the other hand, I could use a cream-colored version of this jacket below (sort of the reverse of this faux-Chanel jacket I made last winter):
Read this New York Times article where T fashion director Anne Christensen defends paying $4,710 for a Chanel jacket. (photo also from The New York Times)

I also have this fabulous metallic bouclé I bought at Mood Fabrics last month that I'd love to do something nifty with. Arrgghh! So many options.

At any rate, nothing will get done in August, other than possibly making a jacket muslin for Susan Khalje and Kenneth King to critique in the class I am taking with them in four weeks. In September I'll start to get serious. Many thanks to Cindy and Antoinette for organizing this sew-along!


  1. I love the trim on the red jacket. Thanks for sharing Lindsay! I was thinking about cream too...but I love my color!

  2. Thanks for sewing along! The black and red jacket is so striking. I remember an interview with Jack White of the White Stripes saying that he and Meg picked black/ white/ red for their band's signature colors because they are historically, cross-culturally, straight-up power colors.

    Will click over to that NYT article now and have a read....

  3. Love the metallic boucle,your classic choices and the article is a hoot-especially the reader comments!

  4. I love the red jacket. That one would be fun to make. The metallic boucle is great too!

  5. I'm sure you are going to make something very chic - the fabric looks a whole lot of fun - nice to have something with an edge.

  6. I can really see you in a red jacket, but all of the options would be fabulous!

  7. This looks so good - and I'm so green - a class with Kenneth - this will be so much fun - he is so creative and so generous. I guess what I really love about him most of all is that his designs have always remained pretty. Are you doing this at FIT or elsewhere?