Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My inspiration(s)

This fabric says Chanel Nana chic to me, don't know about you. It's a wool tweed, in aqua and granny lavender. Ever since I saw it I have wanted to make something with it, but I didn't buy it because I know where fabric crushes can lead. To that dead end one way ticket to never being made into anything called "stash".

When I heard about the sew along I knew I had a reason to purchase it and a reason to make it into something. This channel hip length jacket is my inspiration (sorry, don't know where I lifted it from for my inspiration board so can't credit it), but I'm still keeping my mind open, plenty of time. After all, Chanel jackets are not made overnight.


  1. okay...you have the fabric I would like! love it.

  2. Aqua & lavender.... sounds killer. That would inspire me, too! The next most fun part might be selecting the lining!

  3. Totally cool nanna-conformity. Aqua and lavender are not my colours, but after the raincoat I know that you look fantastic in blue.